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On August 21,1889 the Treasury Department of the United States issued Charter # 4097 to The First National United of Gatesville.  This bank is now known as National United: dba National United with over 545 million in assets and 56 million in capital, and is the 9th oldest charter still operating in Texas.

We were here to greet early settlers in the county.

To read the history of National United is like taking the pages out of the history of Gatesville and Coryell County.  When this bank opened for business in August of 1889, the population of Gatesville was only 1,300.  Settlers were still coming in from the eastern states, some on the new railroad and others by ox wagons and teams.

At this time much of the county was still open land.  It was several years before many areas in the southern and western parts of the county were fenced.  Cattle raising was the principal industry, with agriculture being rapidly expanded.  The railroad to Gatesville, then only seven years old, was an important factor in the sudden growth of the county’s population.  Gatesville increased from a population of 434 persons in 1880 to 1,300 in 1889.  As the population increased, and more land placed under cultivation, there developed a need for banking services.

The first known banking business in Gatesville was a private bank, known as J.R. Saunders and Company.  This bank opened for business in about 1875, and was succeeded by the City National United in 1892, which closed in 1897.  All the depositors were paid in full.  A second private bank, the Coryell County Bank, opened in 1887 and operated for about two years.

In 1889 the leading citizens and businessmen of the town felt a need for more and larger banking services.  Several local and non-residents joined together and applied for a charter for a National United.  The charter was granted on August 21, 1889 and the bank opened immediately for business.  It was called The First National United.  Although there have been many consolidations and mergers, National United: dba National United still operates under the original charter dated August 21, 1889.

Through the years the bank has adhered to a banking service that is flexible but sound and continues to provide relationship banking committed to serving its client’s needs. National United has grown with the area – sharing a history rich in large accomplishments and small victories.  Today, residents enjoy the convenience of multiple locations all capable of handling each account as if it were located in their hometown.  National United is recognized as one of the largest and strongest independent banks in the area and looks forward to continued growth for both the people and communities it serves.

In 2005 the bank adopted the DBA “National United of Central Texas.”


Copperas Cove - 1990

Tonkawa Indians were the original inhabitants of Copperas Cove.  Anglo settlers followed around 1840.  With the arrival of the Santa Fe railroad, the town quickly became a shipping point for cattle and cotton.  The population grew rapidly with the construction of Camp Hood (now known as Ft. Hood) in 1942.  As the military installation grew into one of the world’s largest, Copperas Cove enjoyed similar growth.  Today’s population is more than 29,000.

Gatesville - 1889

The hometown of National United of Central Texas, Gatesville is still home to a bank that was formed in 1886 to meet the increasing financial needs of farmers, cattlemen and business people of the area.  In the late 1800s, banks merged to form the First National United in 1889.  Since then, National United has always had a banking presence in Gatesville.  It has grown with the area – sharing a rich history of large accomplishments and small victories.  When the unsettled times for the banking industry occurred in the 1980s, National United Bank of Gatesville’s geographical area of service expanded with the addition of Cove State Bank in Copperas Cove.  When National United took over in 1990, the name of both banks became National United.
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Hewitt - 1991

The suburb of Waco known as Hewitt was founded as a railroad town in 1882.  Until the early 1970s, Hewitt remained primarily a farming and agricultural community.  Today, Hewitt boasts a population of more than 15,000 and is home to numerous businesses and residential communities.  Our Hewitt branch was granted its original charter and opened in early 1980.  National United assumed ownership of the bank in 1991, where it relocated to its new building on the corner of Hewitt Drive and Panther Way.

Killeen - 1993

Established in 1993, our Killeen branch launched with six employees and two drive-thru lanes.  With rapid growth in its services, it became apparent that a larger facility was needed.  New construction began on a permanent 10,000 square foot location in 1996, opening in 1997.  Rapid growth has continued, where today the Killeen location has more than 20 employees.  Fort Hood and its military personnel contribute a significant amount of business, while loan growth continues to expand due to numerous large projects that are currently in the works.
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Lampasas - 1997

Called “The Gateway to the Texas Hill Country” due to having major highways traveling in five different directions, Lampasas is the county seat of Lampasas County.  With its close proximity to Fort hood, our Lampasas branch has enjoyed expanded growth, and currently has more than 10 employees.  The 4,400 square foot facility boasts Lampasas’ first-ever revolving door.

Waco - 2007

The new Waco branch in the Central Texas Market Place at Interstate 35 and Highway 6 was completed and opened for business at the end of December 2007.
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Georgetown- 2017

The first Loan Production Office for National United was opened in May 2017.