Mission Statement

About Us

Our first responsibility is to our clients. National United exists to improve the lives of citizens in the communities we serve. We want to offer our clients the means to own a home or a car, to take a vacation, to send their children to college, and to reach their personal financial goals. We want to help businesses in our society achieve success so that, in turn, jobs will be provided to our community and our overall standard of living will increase. We want to provide our clients with error-free transactions and a friendly attitude at each transaction. We want all of those who associate with us to feel that they have a trusted lifelong relationship with National United.

Our second responsibility is to those who work with us. We want to come together with a spirit of teamwork and an attitude of accomplishment. We want to emphasize substantial, meaningful work and promote a culture of ideas, innovation, and personal initiative. We want our associates to have a sense of security and know that they have the freedom to pursue our goal of improving the lives of those in our community by using their God-given talents. We want to offer them fair, merit-based compensation. We want our associates to know that their efforts and improvement will be recognized and rewarded.

Our third responsibility is to our shareholders. We want our share-holders to be committed to our purpose and earn a fair return when we are able to deliver on that purpose. Our associates will always strive to remain approachable, to show respect to our clients, and to gain their trust. We want to provide superior service to our clients. We want to live by the Golden Rule. We will strive to be the best possible steward of our financial capital by maintaining both our asset quality and our reputation as a sound and community-spirited organization. As the future brings us new challenges and new environments, we aspire to change to meet those challenges while remaining steadfast to our higher purpose and our values.