Financial Education

Financial Education

At National United, we are committed to being a full-service bank for our clients.

That means we are always ready to answer questions, provide information and support, and help you make the decisions that will benefit you and your financial future. Take a moment to scroll through some of the resources below. If you find the information you seek, give us a call or visit us in person. We are always ready to help.


A financial news and opinion website with dozens of new articles each day on the economy, stock markets and business news around the world.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

A financial website run by the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) organized by financial topics as well as life stages.

ABA Banking Journal

This flagship month journal for the American Bankers Association can be helpful for people besides bankers.


A leading news source on finance, business, and the economy. The website features up-to-date news on everything related to finance and economics.

Business Finance

A site for finance professionals and business owners who want to better understand the financial side of business and how trends and issues in the industry affect how they do business.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the agency that makes sure banks, lenders and other financial companies treat you fairly.

CNN Money

News, stories and articles about finance. Also provides guides to personal finance topics on the site.

Daily Finance

Strives to help readers become more knowledgeable about personal finance by helping people plan their finances and providing the tools to do so.


Boasts of having the best financial calculators on the internet. Visitors can find a calculator for most any financial need, including calculators in Spanish and for Canadian currency.

Don’t Mess with Taxes

A plain-English site offering tax tips for households, small businesses, homeowners or anyone else who would like to save money on their taxes.


EARN’s mission is to help lower-income individuals build lifelong savings habits. EARN provides goal-based savings accounts and information that helps along the way.

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

The U.S. FDIC’s website offers quick links for consumers to links on common financial topics.

Feed the Pig

A website to promote saving money, and designed to education people about how to establish healthy spending and saving habits.


The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council prescribes uniform principles, standards and report forms for the federal inspection of financial institutions. Created in 1979, the FFIEC was developed to promote and help maintain uniform standards for financial institutions.

Financial Planning

Aimed at the average investor, Financial Planning is a god source of news on markets and various kinds of investments.

VISA’s practical Money Skills

An interactive site that allows visitors to play games, watch videos, use calculators and leverage other resources to gain practical money skills, all delivered under the ultimate goal of improving everyone’s financial literacy.

Institute for Financial Literacy

The website for the Institute for Financial Literacy, a nonprofit that promotes effective financial education and counseling.


A good starting place for information about terms used in the financial world.

Jumpstart Coalition for Financial Literacy

Offering “financial smarts for students,” this website seeks to improve the financial literacy of the nation’s youth. There are resources and tools on this site to help young people begin a lifetime of financial success.

My Fico

Site visitors can learn their FICO score, the industry standard credit score for most lending decision. The site also provides information about credit and credit scores, as well as information about improving your credit scores.

A government site that provides free financial information to the public. Information is pulled from 22 federal entities, and offers a wealth of free and expert information.


The stated purpose of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is to “ensure a safe and sound Federal Banking System for all Americans.”

Small Business Administration

The SBA website is a useful hub for any questions small business owners may have.

SOFA: The Society for Financial Awareness

Provides fee financial education through workshops, seminars, online materials, etc

The Balance

A good, all-purpose site providing quality financial and economic knowledge.

The Motley Fool

A website with a robust investment readership attracted by the wealth of investment advice based on latest news and trends, as well as advice on creating your portfolio.

U.S. News Money

This site offers guides and news on retirement, personal finance, careers, and investing. Their guides take you through all aspects of retirement or making your first stock purchase.